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Whole House Custom-Made Integration Solutions

PANCASA top integrated whole house custom-made home, China's leading provider of home products, building a harmonious beauty of household space planning for the customer, PANCASA, the pursuit of elegant life as the highest realm, strive for each product have reached the standard of art. PANCASA its products covered by the French, the new classical, post-modern, European, top, new Chinese style, six mainstream products, variety of styles PANCASA top integrate custom household products can comply with all domestic outfit style today. Acme contracted postmodernism, or both honored and clever neo-classical European style, or romantic French air French style, PANCASA in artistic design and fine rigorous manufacturing quality, create a distinguished luxury top home world. For high-end customers home planning and customized integrated quality solutions and services.

Louis Series

Gorgeous workmanship, elegant atmosphere of the design style, with the elegant modelling of the international front, fully shows the domineering, magnanimous quality, following a unique characteristic of the royal family in Europe. Women's gentle and there is no doubt that beautiful curve, carving fine vulture act, how can not be moved by this delicate elegance.

Paris Series

In the style in this series of Paris, have adopted a lot of fashion elements, such as the ornament of gold line, the use of geometry, etc., to increase this series of more modern and romantic breath.

Hawaii Series

Unique sculpture art. Delicate real wood material, hard thick, sending out the European full-bodied breath, atmospheric modelling, contracted fashion, is born to who convey elegance, feel is exquisite, and every inch of the skin touch, let you can feel the history of ancient palace carefree aesthetic feeling, tonal is exquisite and luster, reveal elegant color.

French Series

French series of exquisite ornament in nature, magnificent momentum, luxurious and comfortable living space, highlight the noble style and elegance. Details on the use of the French, carve patterns or designs on woodwork, line corridor column, fine exquisite craftsmanship.

Earl Series

Atmospheric calmly, drawings, and success has clear. Everywhere, filled with noble enjoyment, luxuriant style has been imitated, but not be transcended. We move on to explore the birth of a classic. We don't care about being chased, because we have been running.

American Series

American style exquisite, appreciation and comfortable, natural, simple, and practical, durable. Cater to nostalgia and natural inner desire.

Locker Room

Designers use low-key humanistic philosophy as a design spirit, create the series has a "low-key costly material" new classic furniture, the furniture with simple and tasteful colors elaborate collocation, again into the classic European style decoration design, transmission quality and elegant nobility of high quality household life style.