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NEW TIMES·PANCASA 2015 new product conference

March 12th , "New times" – PANCASA 2015 new product conference was held in Taizhou Yuhuan Sheraton hotel, several hundred PANCASA partners from all over the country gathered in the scene, joyous.

An Italian opera as new classical household grace pulled open the curtain of the conference. Scene positioning of the opening, the Italian singer singing, bring the guest an intoxicating audio-visual shock. The conference, luxuriant and not only in vision, full of momentum for the array. Majestic music, colorful stage and beauty model oversized lineup dances SHOW not only will the event perfectly highlight theme "innovation NEW TIMES", at the same time convey PANCASA new classical household aesthetic tension of different dimensions.

On the conference, group President Mr Hu Simin "the development of new classical household", "PANCASA professional team", "New product introduction", "2015 market operation" and "PANCASA, mission, vision," the five elements made wonderful speech. In his speech, Mr. Hu talked about with forum guests PANCASA future strategic direction and 2015 for a powerful partner market measures, to the general partner has been clear about the future development of ideas, set up with PANCASA continue to work hand in hand to become bigger and stronger confidence.

With the general speech, PANCASA 2015 new product also officially unveiled. The product launch, PANCASA for the first time in the industry "French new classical , Italian new classical, American new classical, British new classical, Chinese new classical " and so on five big lifestyle products. Pity expensive luxury material, elegant, exquisite design details fusion and magnificent artistic temperament, for each new product to create a spectacular and noble beauty of the accident, present a PANCASA of new classic furniture more assertive modern noble temperament.

In a speech to an end, "PANCASA, brand-new brand image" launch ceremony of shock. Simple, classic VI design coincided with the new PANCASA both elegant and design style, won the applause from partners!

PANCASA also at the conference of the regional dealers in 2014 annual list of "best league award", "best contribution award", "the best young player award" and other honorary award was reviewed and the awards. PANCASA hope in the future can become a towering tree, produce more better products to benefit consumers, but also let more people can shade under the wing of the fruitful healthy development, to create great things.

"New times" and PANCASA 2015 launch successfully held, not only reveals the PANCASA product charm and brand strength, also marks the PANCASA, keeping up with world leading companies of the determination and confidence. Believe in the near future, PANCASA will carry the national flag of China's new classical household brand, with power, with the sincerity, with faith in the way of the development set up with special PANCASA career milestone.

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