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PANCASA European art study tour satisfactory return

April 17, 2015, PANCASA European art perfect closing inspection trip for nine days. PANCASA people full of design thinking and the forefront of Europe's top household culture tide satisfactory return.

European art study tour first station:France

The first stop is France. France is a movable feast, has rich ancient civilization, also has the art of flowing silently. Here, PANCASA people enjoy a lion of the arc DE triomphe, the Eiffel Tower stand upright; Tranquility of Notre Dame DE Paris, the Seine wen wan, grandeur of the Louvre...Enjoy all this in the French amorous feelings of all kinds, let each people felt the French art and culture bring profound ideological baptism, benefit a lot.


European art study tour second station: Switzerland

After feeling the massiness of French culture, PANCASA investigation trip to the art of the second station came to Switzerland, and visited the famous ski resort - tie li and snow mountain. If god gave Europe has the beautiful Alps shows he particularly generous to the people of Europe, so the tie li to Switzerland, and the snow mountain is really his preference for the Swiss is hard to see. Holy tie li and snow mountain, devoid of distractions, away from the hubbub, make the most accurate time has lost its meaning of beauty. Pure natural beauty let everyone deeply drunk at the same time, also wash away everyone's heart.


European art study tour third station: Italia

On April 14, after arrived in Milan, Italy, PANCASA art delegation visited the global furniture industry "Olympic Games" - Milan furniture fair. As the world's leading furniture and household design, Milan furniture fair is the world's furniture, household, building, clothing, accessories, lamps and lanterns, design professionals, the annual "pilgrimage" the design of the holy land. At the Milan furniture fair, PANCASA people not only see the latest tendency of the furniture, adorn article, can see the world's top architects, designers, works in this show on the stage. In the household on the market of a new round of fashion trends for PANCASA, the household design of future added a lot of inspiration and enlightenment.

The study tour, PANCASA people not only deeply feel the strong western culture, the profound cultural background, local conditions and customs, and fashion design trends, also strengthened the communication between partners and, gives you the biggest mental stimulation. Believe that through the investigation, PANCASA people of European art and culture have a more profound experience. Future, PANCASA will continue to be an international perspective to lead China's new classical household design trend, create intangible value for more customers, make every family enjoy high quality household life.

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