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The 14th China international furniture exhibition will be held in Shanghai

"The 14th China international furniture exhibition" on May 22-25th, 2015- will gather in Yan’an road, the Shanghai exhibition center. As the industry with the largest scale and highest level of annual important display platform, has been successfully held 13 years. The housing market recovery promote the furniture industry, the exhibition will have more attention.

The exhibition collected from Guangdong, Fujian, Beijing, Suzhou, Dongyang and other places of many famous rosewood brand, and Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, France, Britain and other European nations antique shop. Boutiques carnival, new products, everything has become the emblem of the exhibition and quality, has long attracted many buyers and exhibitors from home and abroad.

This exhibition is still the continuation of past traditions, provide each big manufacturer's launch, business show good communication platform, in addition to the previous exhibitioner Yizunxuan,Qiangyi,Wanbo, Sangma, Yipu, li ping lobular rosewood, Suzhou yong kun, Hanzhengtang, Jing tai, Hengma, and many other firms, all attend more attracted Fujian art, Changshu jiubao, PuYi, Qianhe and wangxiang to Shanghai for the first time. As red acid biggest producers, Dongyang Qiankuntang furniture enterprises dress for particularly compelling, large display area, one of many pieces of exquisite rosewood furniture, for the majority of dealers and purchasers, rosewood lovers exhibit the classical charm of rosewood furniture. Famous Chinese root carving art master Liu xiaoping works on display for the first time to Shanghai, will attract many fans rushed to buy.

Another big theme of the exhibition sector, the western classical furniture for many years has been favored by many visitors, with the increasing of the exhibition influence, numerous European antique origin of antique dealers this will also be gathered, teamed up to build up more than 4000 square meters of "western classical furniture and works of art exhibition", exquisite scene decoration let a person is like a castle in Europe. In terms of exhibits, whether it is a rare antique furniture, spin around the ears of antique piano, classic lasting appeal of famous paintings, glittering and translucent crystal artwork, or bright is dazzing antique jewelry, tripod for clocks and watches, etc., all reflect the special expensive gas, brim, colorful.

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