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Noble furniture attend Zhejiang enterprises "the belt and road" industrial docking activities

On the morning of April 21, Zhejiang Nobel furniture co., LTD. As one of Zhejiang province economic and trade delegation in Zhejiang provincial party committee secretary, director of the standing committee of the provincial Xia Baolong attended the 2015 led by the Zhejiang enterprises into the Malaysia, the united Arab emirates "the belt and road" industry docking series of activities.

The industrial docking activities, is the special focus of activities held by the provincial government, aims to practice of Chairman Xi jinping "Marine silk road" in the 21st century multilateral cooperation initiative, advance with the relevant national maritime silk road in Zhejiang province investment and trade cooperation, to further promote the further development of bilateral economic and trade relations, help enterprises to expand international economic and trade cooperation channels in Zhejiang province.

During the activity, Zhejiang Noble furniture co., LTD. Yuhuan furniture association, chairman of Mr Hu attend in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the united Arab emirates Sharjah emirates for investment and trade negotiation and series of activities such as industry docking, and Malaysia, the united Arab emirates Sharjah emirates with local business people, entrepreneurs had a face-to-face negotiation counterpart project, for the "the belt and road " vision China-Malaysia, China-Arabia economic cooperation and trade under the new way. Deep understanding country "the belt and road" strategic thinking, strengthen economic, trade and investment cooperation and the national enterprise, efforts to expand the international market, growing strength, speed up the transformation and upgrading, to build "21st century maritime silk road".

Malaysia's prime minister, special envoy to China,China-Malaysia business council chairman TAN SRI, jiading Huang, Malaysia deputy minister for trade and industry Mr. Zhiliang Li,, Chinese ambassador to Malaysia Mr.Huikang Huang, the united Arab emirates Sharjah chamber of commerce President Abdullah, consul general of China in Dubai Tang Weibin attended the above activities.

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