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Brand Introduction

Inherit Royal Art Legend

The early 18th century, Italy has a furniture designer named Ponti, was born in Italy BRIANZA suburbs, at that time, because the administration organs of military-run agricultural output is not high, low income, so he farming during the day and night to focus on for the church and aristocratic family furniture and accessories.Legend, he made the handmade furniture modelling delicate unsurpassed, not only expensive gas bullying;Still can help comfort the person's mood, let trouble man be calm, let the proud introspection, up depressed people have confidence;Has it, lucky will follow.

With his fame, Ponti was soon called into the palace, and specially designed for the royal family furniture, spent all life in the palace.Since then, the legend of Ponti widely circulated in Italy.In 1878, to commemorate the furniture design talent, several of Italian furniture craftsman and designer cooperation with "PAN CASA" named after the production of series of products, and quickly became the European nobility in furniture brand, has been one hundred and thirty-five years of history.

Brand Source

"PAN CASA" a royal and noble have coveted choice, after more than half a century of development still occupies the furniture industry.Its wonderful artical excelling nature of meticulous craft, bright is dazzing majestic demeanor, the new classical style is deduced to get incisively and vividly.It has been far beyond the furniture category, bring us infinite shock and surprise.At the beginning of the creation, craftsmen were assigned to the connotation of brand royal extremely legend:

"PAN CASA" is a combination of ancient Greek and Italian, Chinese literal translation "GongTingYi Hao".

"PAN" is the ancient Greek myth of the god of the forest, he was the son of Hermes the goddess represents god, the god of freedom and happiness, "PAN" is the god of music at the same time, he created the invention of the "XuRen Kesi reed pipe", also called "Pan Di" , "PAN flute" of the modern instruments of the first generation product, also on behalf of "god", "happiness" and "first".

"CASA" originated from Italian, translated into the meaning of "palace".

Pure Italian Style

Italy serves as the birthplace of Renaissance, prosperity of culture and thought, brought about the industrial technology, arts and crafts, commodity economy and architectural art exhibition.New classical style is to breed and grow rapidly during this period.Along with the formation of the architectural style and architectural art, furniture and application process got the leapfrog development, gradually formed unique style of European furniture design, both fashion and elegant neoclassical style has become the core elements of European furniture design.

"PAN CASA" a variety of ways of thinking, creation is from ITALY neoclassical style, with simple lines, rich colors, exquisite craft, draw the outline of showily elegance and fashion of modern life, reflect the post-industrial era, personalized aesthetic views and cultural taste.Neoclassical from the inheritance and innovation of 18th century Europe is classical, "GongTingYi Hao" with the brand unique open innovation thinking, the best originality process technique, the European culture rich artistic culture and romantic feelings combined with modern requirements of life, redefined the new cultural connotation and spiritual significance of classical furniture, with its majestic demeanor of luxury give each product a strong visual shock.From simple to complex, from the overall to local, from skin texture to decoration, all embodies rich cultural background.

Pure Handcraft

"PAN CASA" every piece of furniture from design to material selection have been strict fastidious, keep improving every step in the process of production;Slam too complicated mechanism on the design and decoration, retained the classic carve patterns or designs on woodwork and line, all series of products using pure hand carving process

Designers let low-key humanistic philosophy as a design spirit, create the series has a "low-key costly material" new classic furniture, the furniture with simple and classy color elaborate collocation, again into the classic European style decoration design, let life at the court of elegant noble temperament unique, no copy.


"GongTingYi Hao" is the "PAN CASA" free translation in Chinese, and Chinese registered trademark in China.

"PAN CASA" one of the world's top furniture brand was introduced to China in 1995, the "GongTingYi Hao international group is responsible for the China regional brand management and product sales.In China, whether public or private property, whether villa or a hotel, even in the palace and government buildings, we can find "GongTingYi Hao"."GongTingYi Hao" with its majestic demeanor of classical luxury give each product a strong visual impact.

Like in other parts of the world, "GongTingYi Hao" get the Chinese high-end consumers of brief encounter.For nearly 20 years of development, "GongTingYi Hao" has become a new classical Chinese high-end furniture market leading brand.Major cities in China has more than three hundred brand stores, "GongTingYi Hao" in China's success is the result of more and more people pursue have good taste, high quality way of life.The development of the brand is no longer just simply meet the connotation of furniture, but as a symbol of noble identity, GongTingYi Hao will also be with its majestic demeanor and the luxury collection value spread all over the world, leading the people to pursue higher quality, more beautiful life, the future of more artistic.

Appreciation Value

Let furniture with master thought exchanges and dialogue of the soul, and become the bosom friend and psychiatric nurses of his thought is "PAN CASA" pursuit of the highest realm.In order to achieve better appreciation effect, according to the different style of architecture, "GongTingYi Hao" furniture development of the corresponding products, furniture as a symbol of art and thought, appear in any space, will shine the light of wisdom.

Years more, more can highlight its unique appreciation of space, since the creation of "PAN CASA" furniture of all series of products have been snapping up the world's treasures.

The appreciation value: design modelling artistic taste;Handmade not replication;historical and culture;the present way of life and opinion.